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A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester student Money Saving

A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester student Money Saving

In this installation of my student blog, I have a few money saving tips for you all. So, to begin with I would like to state this won't be the revolution you may think it is going to be it will be more about saving you a few quid here and a few quid there, let's begin:

  • Install the unidays app! This can give you discount codes of up to 70% on very popular retailers, it will also update you on sales that are going on. (They also do giveaways)
  • Secondly if you do live in a house with other friends then you should 100% do shared meals, this not only makes the cooking process more efficient but splitting the cost will mean a £6 for you is now only £1.50!
  • Pay attention to the Aspire Instagram for updates on offers on our website.
  • Get yourself a loyalty card for wherever you do your shops, be it a Clubcard for Tesco, or nectar card for Sainsburys, these will mount up rewards and you will be able to get a shop for a great deal cheaper when you claim your rewards.

These are the essentials I would suggest for you, I have used these and saved a considerable amount of money. The next few tips are ones I would only suggest if you're wanting to save a little more, however these require a little bit more effort, so it is totally up to you:

  • Install an app called Shoppix, you will need to take pictures of your receipts you have, be it paper or e-receipts, I have made £100 over 2 years of use with the app.
  • The second tip is also another app, Qmee, this is a survey-based app, they can range between 1-minute to 20-minute surveys that you get instantly paid for upon completion, I have made £75 in 2 years while using it passively.
  • The final tip I have for you is to budget. However tedious it may sound it allows for very well-maintained finances, and I could not recommend it enough. If you want me to go over how I budget, please let us know over on our Instagram page.

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