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Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

The Coronavirus outbreak is going to affect availability of products worldwide - this page will be updated as and when we get more specific information.

An important message:

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the Salford Inspire team. As far as possible we will work to ensure that there is no disruption to this online store and the service we provide. Please note your University scheme will continue to operate whether you are studying on campus or at home. When ordering your goods just remember to use the right address! Should there be any change of status we will let you know. Please stay safe.

Please read the specific Salford student advice update here


With the coronavirus outbreak that started in China now affecting the global population, it is also affecting the import and export trade, Retailers and suppliers worldwide are concerned that consumers will soon start experiencing shortages of products ranging from iPhones to batteries. There have been widespread factory shutdowns in China as millions of people remain in lockdown and subject to strict travel restrictions and quarantine measures, and this is now spreading almost daily to the EU and other countries - e.g. travel to the US is now banned from the UK & EU.

With many shipyard and factory workers having been taking time off for lunar new year anyway, retailers are preparing for shortages in coming weeks.

China is one of the UK's largest trading partners, with major exports including clothing, toys and electronics. Items like memory & chips are also in short supply at some companies, with consumers waiting an extra four weeks on orders.

We are working with suppliers and transport partners to minimise the impact on product availability. But logistics remain challenging, especially through some major ports in Shanghai and Tianjin.

Product Update:

Like most retailers, we have been impacted by the extension of Chinese New Year, which saw factories closed for longer than planned and delays in production due to staff requiring government permits to return to work, and now the more global pandemic outbreak.

As well as Electronics, products such as masks, antibacterial hand washes and hand sanitiser products are unavailable and there are shortages forecast for non-food items like stationery, clothing, and electrical goods.

This page will be updated as and when we get more information - but products affected so far are:

Apple iPads
Apple Watches
Apple MacBooks
Apple iPhones

Samsung Ear Buds
Samsung Galaxy Phones

DJI Drones

Selected Sony audio and Canon photographic & imaging products

Selected Laptops & Notebooks and Tablets (and some that are on the site might be taken off at very short notice due to shortages in stock)

Hand sanitiser gels, thermometers and Face Masks & Gloves

But please note this list is not exhaustive and availability can change very quickly.

Please bear with us during this difficult time - we will update you about your order as soon as we hear about stock and deliveries.

Logistics (deliveries) update: Royal Mail - click here. DPD/ DHL/ UK Mail: click here

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