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Think Critically

Think Critically

Paperback by Chatfield, Tom

Think Critically

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Think Critically


Critical thinking is an essential 21st century skill. Think Critically gives you simple, direct guidance on how to effectively assess and critique the world around you. Understand the nature of assumptions and claims Grasp the notion of valid and invalid arguments and evidence Gain practical skills and confidence in reading, writing and doing research. Super Quick Skills provide the essential building blocks you need to succeed at university - fast. Packed with practical, positive advice on core academic and life skills, you'll discover focused tips and strategies to use straight away. Whether it's writing great essays, understanding referencing or managing your wellbeing, find out how to build good habits and progress your skills throughout your studies. Learn core skills quickly Apply right away and see results Succeed in your studies and life. Super Quick Skills give you the foundations you need to confidently navigate the ups and downs of university life.


What's so special about thinking critically? How can I make time for all this thinking? What do people mean when they talk about reasoning? What does a good argument look like? What does a good explanation do? What about bad arguments and explanations? Isn't everyone biased? How can I spot bias and misinformation? How can I handle information overload? What do I do next?

SAGE Publications Ltd
112 pages
Publication Date:
05 Nov 2019

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